Inheritance – property joint-ownership

INSCIO Avocats advises individuals facing difficulties in settling inheritance disputes and in managing and dissolvingproperty joint ownership.

Expertise Successions – Indivisions

An amicable solution to disputes is preferred, but when litigation proves to be necessary, INSCIO Avocats defends its clients before all French courts.

INSCIO Avocats benefits from a solid expertise in the field of inheritance law, thanks to the experience of Maître Aurore COUDERC who has been dealing almost exclusively with inheritance cases for almost 10 years.

INSCIO Avocats also advises its clients in asset management.

INSCIO Avocats answers all your questions and allows you to set up the organization and management system that corresponds to your future wishes.

Inheritance anticipation remains the best way to avoid any subsequent conflict between your heirs and thus ensure the future sustainability of your business and the management of your assets.

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