Corporate – M&A

INSCIO Avocats cultivates and develops proximity and mutual trust with its clients.

INSCIO Avocats intervenes in corporate and business law, offering its clients solutions adapted to their needs and ensuring efficient monitoring of their cases.

Expertises Corporate – M&A

INSCIO Avocats considerslegal advice to be a fundamental element of its clients’ project successes.

In order to do this,the firm provides in-depth advice to its clients on the creation of companies, and company groups all the while taking care of day to day legal formalities such ascompany registers, general meetings and annual accounts approvals. INSCIO Avocats leads major operations on capital (capital increase and reduction, etc.) and draws up group / omnium / intra-group / current account agreements.

INSCIO Avocats also defends its clients in commercial litigation, such as family business andpartner disputes, implementation of the asset and liability guarantee, company director liability, statutory litigation, debt recovery and abusive contractual breaches.

INSCIO Avocats is involved in M&A and corporate finance transactions:

  • Company restructuration, merger, sale and acquisition of companies in France and overseas: internal – external growth, sale, partial contribution of assets, (contribution-) disposal of assets, joint ventures, merger, contribution-sale / intra-group flow / financial flows
    • Drafting of pre-contractual documentation: letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, MOUs
    • Drafting and negotiation of legal documentation on operations: transfer protocols, shareholders’ agreements, asset and liability guarantee agreements, promises to sell securities, etc.
    • Due diligence, monitoring of Data Rooms
  • Fundraising, finance research
  • Transfer of business assets, transfer of lease rights, commercial leases,
  • Taxation of companies and managers.