Holly Jessopp

Photo profil Holly JESSOPP

Holly JESSOPP, Partner

After practicing in several Parisian business law firms in general international litigation, she set up her own law firm in January 2019 in order to focus on practicing business law and equine law in France and overseas.

Holly JESSOPP mainly practices business law, particularlycommercial contracts, risk and compliance analysis and commercial litigation. She supports SMEs and mid-cap companies in setting up legal solutions by providing strategic and efficient services.

Passionate about horses and equestrian sports, Holly JESSOPP has also developed a particular expertise in the horse industry and works with a number of French and international equestrian professionals. As such, Holly JESSOPP is a member of the Institut du Droit Equin (IDE), partner of Pôle Hippolia and occasional speaker with the Equicer Network.

Founding partner of INSCIO AVOCATS, Holly JESSOPP continues to support and advise her clients in business and equine law, particularly by offering mediation and conflict resolution solutions.

Holly JESSOPP is perfectly bilingual in English and French and works with French and international clients.