Start-up support – SayInvest

SayInvest is a company support program for start-ups who wish to structure their company, grow their business and benefit from investments (dilutive and / or non-dilutive) to optimize their development.

Expertise Accompagnement start-up – SayInvest

Composed of a panel of experts specializing in the areas revolving around start-ups (legal: corporate, contractual and intellectual property; naming and branding; marketing; fundraisers; accountant and tax specialist), SayInvest works around two common goals :

  1. Start-up company goal:
  • Selection of innovative and promising startups
  • Optimization start-up success through structured support from the mentoring team
  • Benefiting from investments adapted to the start-up and manager’s needs, via the reliable network of the mentoring team
  1. Investor’s goal :
  • Securing investments

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